Vegan Body · 29. March 2019
Q: What are some detox options for someone who's trying to quit smoking tobacco? A: I would first like to thank you for asking me this question as it means that you trust me and feel safe enough to ask me this question. First, you have to quit. It defeats the purpose to detox something so toxic out of one's body if one has not totally committed to being tobacco free. In order to do this, as every other transition in life, it must be gradual. It may help to start with a commitment that you know...
Vegan Body · 27. February 2019
See what the curious of instagram had to ask!
Vegan Body · 04. February 2019
weight loss and veganism
Vegan Body · 07. January 2019
You ask the questions, I will answer them to the best of my ability (No Pressure right?)
Vegan Mind · 07. January 2019
Detox live!
Vegan Body · 05. December 2018
This entry is about how sex improves with a plant based diet (Explicit)
Vegan Body · 12. November 2018
I was asked if there is a such thing as vegan processed foods...YES there is! Now, read more to figure out how to work this info into your vegan diet!
Vegan Soul · 28. October 2018
This post is about why I transitioned to veganism.