March Q & A

Q: What are some detox options for someone who's trying to quit smoking tobacco?


A: I would first like to thank you for asking me this question as it means that you trust me and feel safe enough to ask me this question. 


     First, you have to quit. It defeats the purpose to detox something so toxic out of one's body if one has not totally committed to being tobacco free. In order to do this, as every other transition in life, it must be gradual. It may help to start with a commitment that you know in your deepest of hearts that you can realistically stick to.


     Back in my high school/ early college days I had a terrible Black and Mild addiction. What helped me was to be totally realistic with myself. This was a true addiction and I knew that it was terrible for my body, beauty, and life, but I couldn't help that I wanted to smoke them. So I decided to first, make a mental note of how many I smoked per day. This helps because one, you have a basis from which to start and two, if you're anything like me, once you see just how dependent you are on such a toxic substance, you'll be shamed into doing better. I had no idea just how addicted I was until I knew how many Black and Milds I was smoking. I was so ashamed; I knew I had to do something. 


     The next step is to now commit to decreasing the amount of times you indulge in your addiction. For example, I could smoke a box a day. So I committed to smoking only half a box a day. Now what many don't know about smoking is, there seems to be a physical ache you get when you have an urge. Because of this, you have to find ways to be productive so that when that ache comes and you find yourself wanting to smoke, you are doing something that is positive and helps you cope until that feeling passes. I also found that my appetite increased as I slowly kicked my habit. So you will eat more, but be careful of what you're consuming so that you don't gain any unwanted weight. As the time goes on, you will find other ways to cope with the urges (I worked out and joined the African Dance ministry at my school) you'll have until eventually (if you are totally committed) you will continuously begin to decrease your tobacco intake until you no longer feel the need to partake at all. 




     Once you have totally kicked the habit, mullein will be a great detox option for you. Mullein is an herb that when taken, can cleanse the lungs of congestion, reduce mucus secretions, and soothe irritated membranes. Mullein is best taken as a tea or tincture, but if it would help, mullein in herb form can be smoked. Make sure while you are taking mullein, you increase your water, fruit and veggie intake so that you can flush any toxins out of your body that smoking may have created.


     The most important thing is to take it one day at a time. Wake up everyday with the intention to remain tobacco free. Every time you feel that urge, it is ultimately your decision to stay clean or to relapse. Also know that there is no time frame to rid yourself of such a habit. It can take as long or as short a time as you need. Everyone's pace is different. As long as you consistently put the effort forth to quit, your body and the universe will thank you!



     I send much gratitude for your question and trusting me to answer it sufficiently! Please remember we are all on a journey and I only know as much as my journey has revealed thus far! I am also learning. Please honor where I am in my journey as I honor where you are in yours! 


Many blessings!