February Q & A

Q: How did you transition to veganism? Was it gradual or did you stop eating meat cold turkey?



A: Before veganism, I was a carnivore. I'm from Atlanta, so wings, fried chicken, collard greens and ham hocks, and 3-4 cheese Mac and Cheese was apart of my regular diet. When I made the decision to become vegan, I knew that I needed to make major changes to my diet and lifestyle, but I was slow with making these changes because, shit its A LOT of things that I loved that I would have to get rid of. What people fail to realize is that foods, especially the processed, chemical infested foods are DRUGS. Yes, I said it they are a type of drug as they are intended to be. The  the tastes and the feelings, or 'high' that they give one makes one want to indulge, the chemicals and poisons in them create mucus in the body, which fog the brain, clog the arteries, and the bring the vibration of someone down, but because it gives people a tasty 'high' the risks of eating these foods seem to be worth it; just like the drugs on the streets would. When I realized this, I knew that just like an addict, in order to kick the addiction it had to be a gradual transition.


To answer the question, it was indeed gradual. What helped me most was finding substitutes for things that I knew would be harder for me to get rid of. For example, my family knew that if they wanted to show they loved me, I needed that 4 cheese Mac. So I went online and started researching vegan recipes for Mac and cheese. I found a recipe and tried it out. I practiced at it until I got it to taste like I wanted and BOOM, I no longer need the 4 cheese Mac and cheese. So yes! Gradual changes and substitutes until you feel that you've kicked whatever your addiction is!


Q: How do you feel about eating bread and being vegan?

A: Bread is a complicated thing child! One thing I can say is that there are healthier options for bread (Spelt bread, Ezekiel bread, sprouted, gluten free breads, etc.) My suggestion is to not indulge too much. With a plant-based diet, you want to be as plant-based as possible: fruits, veggies, fruit based substitutes and veggie based substitutes. Just like any other diet, too much bread is not a good thing.


Q: How do deal with snacking on unhealthy things when you are transitioning?

A: Snacking is inevitable. As you begin to transition and move into a healthier lifestyle (eating right, exercising, etc.) your metabolism speeds up. This is an excellent thing if you're trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, with a faster metabolism comes more of a desire to eat. As a working woman, I can tell you based on my own experience that adequate preparation is key. You are going to be hungry and want something to put into your body. Some research even says that you should be consuming something healthy at least EVERY TWO HOURS OF THE DAY!! Who has time for that? The best thing you can do for your cravings is prepare, prepare, prepare! Over pack fruits and veggies as snacks for your day and drink ample amounts of water because often times that hunger pain we feel is a result of thirst, not hunger. What also helps me is a dry snack to curb that feeling. So I pack granola, nuts and seeds as snacks in addition to my fruits and veggies. Smoothies are also great! you can sip slowly throughout the day on one smoothie and your hunger will be curbed. There's no getting over snacking, just make sure you are prepared so that your snacking doesn't make you resent yourself as you continue on your health conscious journey!


Q: Where can I find more vegan recipes to incorporate into my diet?

A: We live in the age of technology, RESEARCH!!! Google, Pinterest, all social media platforms. There is something on every platform where you can find information and knowledge about veganism and health consciousness! Also, there is a plethora of books (including cookbooks) that can help you with transitioning or incorporating healthier options into your diet. All you have to do is look and the information is there for you!


Q: What does it mean if I have been craving eggs?

A: When you begin to live a more health conscious life, you start shedding many of the old things you used to indulge in that weigh you down and bring your vibrations down. What you will come to notice is that when this happens, you find yourself missing the old things. This is totally normal. Whether it was a good or bad thing, it was apart of your life, you're going to miss it. Your body does the same thing with food, but this happens with your body because there may be a nutrient that your body was receiving from that food and because you have not replaced that nutrient, your body is sending messages to your brain about that food. With eggs, if you are craving them it's because your body is missing the nutrient that eggs once provided you. What nutrient is that you may ask? The Vitamin B-12! Your cravings may be accompanied by brain fog, energy deficiency, anxiety, dry skin, and the like. Many "health food sites" may tell you that this vitamin is only found in animal derived products. NOT TRUE! I, myself struggle with B-12 deficiency and one thing that has helped me remedy this problem is the "My Kind" Vitamin B-12 Organic liquid spray. This is a vegan product that is derived totally from plants. I take three sprays a day and this has helped me tremendously because I hate pills and it's actually really tasty! There are also other B-12 vitamins that you can find in any health food stores! Please don't forget the foods that actually give you B-12! A variety of fruits and veggies, rice, breakfast cereal, plant-based milks, nuts and seeds, Chlorella, and the like.


I send much gratitude for your questions and trusting me to answer them sufficiently! Please remember we are all on a journey and I only know as much as my journey has revealed thus far! I am also learning. Please honor where I am in my journey as I honor where you are in yours!