January Q & A.

Greetings beautiful souls! 


      I believe that it is my mission in life to help people see the benefits of a holistic, health-conscious lifestyle. Even at year 5, I still struggle with many aspects of being health conscious. One of these aspects is the financial responsibility associated with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Because of this, there are still many things (cleaning products mainly) that I have yet to find a financially feasible alternative for. This life is considered a journey because it is a daily discovery of your better self. I do not beat myself up because I am doing my absolute best with the resources I have been blessed with. Once I am able to do better (get more funds to buy more earth friendly cleaning products) then I will. Until that day...Kanye Shrug. I said all of that to say, please know that if you are trying your best, the universe is pleased and you will reap the fruits of your efforts! Please be mindful that everything stated in my posts are based on my experience, consult with your health practitioner for further insight. 


     Anyway! I have decided that once a month, along with the blog post, I will do a Q & A in which I will directly answer the questions I receive on my social media platforms. This will help one get the answer they need without the long, drawn out blurb about things one may not care about as much. 


Q: How do you transition to veganism without getting fat?



A: One of the biggest misconceptions about veganism is that as soon as you make the transition to a vegan diet that you're supposed to lose a gazillion pounds. In veganism, there is a right way and a not-so-right-but-convenient way. First things first, you have to get rid of the old so that your body, mind, and soul can embrace the new! You have to know the ABC's to veganism and being healthy in general; Always Be Cleansing! It's important that you remove the toxins that come from a less healthier lifestyle so that when you start packing in the good shit, the good shit can do its thing! Think of it like this, you can't put perfume on and expect to smell good if you ain't washed your ass with soap and water :-D.


Another thing that people get confused is the meaning of the word Vegan. If you haven't noticed, the world as we know it is becoming more aware of the need to be some type of healthy. You are going to see Vegan and Gluten Free at almost every turn. DO NOT BE FOOLED! Everyone's definition of veganism, including the major food corporations, is different and you must consume foods accordingly. Please read the labels and ingredients carefully. If I can't pronounce and don't know where it is derived from, I'm not eating it. Because, although it may not be a product that has animal flesh in it, if it has chemicals and preservatives in it, you could still be doing a significant amount of harm. To add to this point, there are good whole, plant-based vegan foods and then there are processed, packaged vegan foods. It is more beneficial to the body to eat less packed vegan alternatives and more whole foods like straight fruits and veggies.


Another misconception that messes people up in the vegan game is over eating. We've all heard the age old saying, "Too much of anything isn't good for you". This is true with veganism as well! Veganism requires planning and prepping in addition to well proportioned meals just like any other diet. I know you're like "WTF", but the easiest way I have figured to proportion my meals better is more fruits and veggies, less rice, beans, potatoes and bread. In fact, I don't buy bread for the house, my King or I will make bread from scratch or use veggies to substitute for bread (purple cabbage leaf is our main go to but we can also manage chard or collard green leaves).


Last, but certainly not least, please find other ways that help you with being more aware of your health (meditating, yoga, cardio, weight-lifting, journaling, laughing, crying, cleaning, etc.) Remember, to be fully healthy, you cannot solely focus on the physical, you must also incorporate mental and spiritual health practices into the equation for it to work! Also be mindful, this is a journey and no one has it all the way down to a science. Take everything one day at a time! you got it!


Q: What is the best way to transition into a healthier lifestyle?


A: I believe that veganism is for everyone in a perfect world, but in reality I know that veganism can seem too extreme for many people. Please believe the universe will be delighted in your efforts to be and do better and you will reap the benefits of these efforts! To even ask this question means you actively seek to be a better you! Congratulations, many don't even make it to this point!


As stated in the last answer, you have to cleanse your body of toxins and parasites on a consistent basis. A lot of our cravings and addictions come from the toxins that are already in our body. It's like instead of a gift that keeps on giving, it's a curse that keeps on...cursing. Everybody's cleansing techniques will vary. Once you find a few that work for you and your lifestyle, use them and you will experience a big difference!


I also believe that substitutions are a big help for those who don't necessarily want to put their diet and lifestyle into a box. There are many meat substitutions that vegans and vegetarians will use to get the taste and, or texture that meat may provide like mushrooms, soy, tempeh, tofu, beans, and the like. Cheese substitutes include nuts and potatoes and of course you can now buy different dairy free milks. Sweets and sweeteners include agave nectar, maple syrup, dates, cinnamon, vanilla extracts, cacao nibs/dark chocolates, bananas, maca root, and of course nature's candy; fruit! In my experience with transitioning, I found it helpful to be where the healthy shit is! Don't get stuck in Wally world. Visit your local farmers markets and small health food stores just to see what they have that may be to your liking. If you're not ready for that then Publix, Kroger, Whole Foods, Sprouts, The Green Market, and others either have a healthy section within the store or they will have their health gems sprinkled all around. You have to explore to figure what works for your pockets and your tummy!


Look toward other ways outside of your diet to build your healthier lifestyle. As I stated in the last response, you have to work on more than just the physical to accomplish optimal health. Meditation, yoga, cardio, weight-lifting, cleaning, long naps, more water, crying, laughing, journaling. religion, etc. Whatever floats your boat!


THERE IS AN APP FOR EVERYTHING, this includes healthier lifestyle choices too! there are apps with workout routines, recipes, grocery lists, YOU NAME IT! If not an app, you can certainly count on Google or Pinterest! To this very day, I hop on Pinterest to find recipes!


Above all else, this is a journey and the beauty is in the process and the struggle of it all! Do not beat yourself up or compare your journey to someone else's. Explore, try new shit, fuck up some shit, try it again and become greater! You can do it!