What's the Real?

Ok, So…I was posed with a question on is there a such thing as processed vegan foods.


Disclaimer: I AM NO EXPERT. I am only telling this based on where I am in my journey and the knowledge I have obtain thus far. The more you learn, the more you realize that you have so much more to learn. It is my hope that what I know can help someone on their journey.


     First of all, before I can begin, I must say that everyone’s definition of veganism is different. For some vegans, soy is an acceptable protein source whereas others may consider soy artificial and thus harmful to the body. I can only answer based on my definition and if your definition is different, I wish you well in that.


     The definition that I have formulated in my mind of processed foods are foods that are manipulated in anyway that is unnatural to its habitual cycles and various states of being. By this definition, if you buy organic fruits and veggies from the healthiest of food stores, they are still processed. An apple being cut from a tree is manipulating its natural process of falling off the tree and thus a processed apple. If you think about it, we buy our plants from stores and markets and they often come in containers and bags. In order to get to you, these plants have to undergo some process or another.


     This can be something as small as cherries being picked from a tree too early or a significant as an additive in the list of ingredients of foods in which you cannot pronounce.


     My suggestion: research the brands and stores from which you buy and READ THE INGREDIENTS to make sure you know what the ingredient is  (and how to say it) as well as making sure it aligns with the stipulations of your specific diet. If you don’t eat soy, make sure the foods your buying don’t have soy on their ingredient list. Also, plan and prep adequately; this helps with putting yourself in a position in which you have to sacrifice your health for convenience. It is as simple as that.